BDAC Group is an internationally inspired group company that creates and markets Lifestyle Products, including Foot Care Accessories, Body Care and Medical Products, along with alternative accessories used across all areas of everyday living.

BDAC understood from an early age that providing staff with continual training in all areas of the business and production cycle would allow us to provide customers with a fully integrated customer focused style; suitable to adapt to the various cultures of a worldwide audience.

Through this training we have now configured our staff to be extremely proficient in the scope of sales, sourcing, production, quality control and logistics. BDAC has now attained a high presence in the marketplace and has seen outstanding growth in recent years.

We understand that customer satisfaction is the bedrock of any service orientated company by providing high quality products, after sales and value added service.

We supply all kinds of foot care products to suit the needs of our varying clients, including full length insoles, heel cushions & support products, forefoot pads and cushions, 3/4 length insoles, high heeled insoles, fashion insoles and accessories, toe protectors, bunion and ball of foot protectors. All our products have different functions for use and are specifically tailored to directly focus on the area of the foot in question.

With an eye on continually improving our range and technology we have recently introduced a range of orthotic insoles in full and 3/4 length to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors. In this area we work with Podiatrists to develop products that are specifically catered to people who have needs for these kinds of specialized items.

All our products are designed specifically to provide certain properties, including; massaging, shock absorption, heat, spring, hardness, softness and are directed at the needs of the client. Whether it is insoles for outdoor heavy duty work, sports, walking, riding or sitting in the office all day we can accommodate all requests.

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BDAC is a globally focused manufacturing and sourcing company, combining years of international expertise with practical Chinese experience and knowledge; offering expert advice and support to both local and international clients. We are committed to providing individually tailored business solutions for each of our clients.

We can offer solutions and advice to our clients in many areas:

  • Project Development
  • Brand management
  • New Technologies
  • New Designs
  • Patent Applications
  • Delivery Options
  • Research & Development